Why is there a shortage of riding lawn mowers?

Due to the pandemic, it has been more difficult to find certain lawnmowers this summer. Some lawnmower and electrical equipment stores have seen a shortage of supply this season. Many factories had to close and some companies cut back on the supply of lawn mowers. It's clear because there's been a whole pandemic.

During the pandemic, factories closed. The owner said there are still people who don't work, making it difficult to fill the supply chain. Companies like Honda have reduced their supply of lawnmowers. TY's Outdoor Power usually has between 10 and 20 different models of walking mowers.

This year, Honda only manufactures five models in total. COVID-19 has had long-lasting implications for the way people work and how supply chains work around the world. At Cub Cadet, we continue to adapt to family needs whenever possible; we offer options for employees to practice personal protection actions; and we maintain social distancing, reducing density, and improving cleaning services at all locations, including our manufacturing and distribution. Even though all of these efforts are now a norm for people around the world, manufacturers are working hard to overcome production challenges due to supply and labor shortages.

The cost of commodities has increased and many materials used in consumer goods, such as resin and steel, have become difficult to obtain. As a result, many companies, including Cub Cadet, have faced the challenge of operating at pre-COVID rates and maintaining inventory to keep up with high demand. Let's hope that the world will recover together so that scarcity, of any kind, not just the shortage of lawn mowers, will soon disappear. If you find a lawnmower you like, don't wait until your lawn is 3 to 4 inches tall, said Ted Kruse, owner of Chagrin Pet, Garden and Power Equipment in Chagrin Falls.

Let us know below if you think there's another reason there's been a shortage of lawn mowers lately. Experts said buyers with more than three-quarters of an acre of yard would benefit from a ride-on lawn mower, as they can significantly reduce mowing time. Lawn mowers are experiencing the same problems in the supply chain as snowplows, cars, bicycles, and most other commodities. He explained that as lawnmowers become more complicated, more parts and more supply chain ties are required to consider.

But lawn mowers are going through the same supply chain story as snowplows, cars, bicycles, and most items have gone through. As lawnmowers become more complex, more parts and more links in the supply chain are needed to worry about, he explained.

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