What is the best month to buy a riding lawn mower?

Consumer Reports says that the best months for consumers to buy a lawnmower are April, May, August, September and October. A popular school of thought is that it is better to buy a lawn mower right after the mowing season ends. The optimal months to buy a lawn mower are March, April, October and December. During these months, there are more opportunities to buy a lawn mower at a lower cost.

And while there are occasional offers or brand-dependent sales dotted throughout the year, these aren't as reliable as following simple seasonal sales cycles. If you miss the ride-on mower sales early in the season, search again in August and September. There might be fewer models to choose from, but you might find bigger discounts as stores rush to ditch old inventory to make way for snowblowers. According to Consumer Reports, the best time to buy a lawn mower is at the beginning or end of the mowing season.

In other words, start buying your next commercial lawn mower in April, May, August, September or October. In general, we recommend that contractors start looking for the commercial lawn mowers they want in the spring to be prepared for the next mowing season. Lawn mowers are usually cheaper to buy after the summer mowing season. This is because it is the time of year when demand for lawn mowers is lowest.

Nicole Weaver, a product analyst at Machinery Pete, a used agricultural equipment market, says sales of lawnmowers soar from April to September every year. Before you place your new lawn mower in your storage shed, be sure to try it out to be ready for next season. This is the time of year when retailers place orders and wait for inventory to arrive, so you may not even have access to buy a lawn mower. This means that if you're looking for a specific make and model or want a lawnmower equipped with the latest features, you're more likely to find exactly what you're looking for in the spring months.

While not every retailer will be willing to offer you a discount, most will be ready to offer some free accessories or maintenance items for your lawn mower. September is the most common month to find a lawnmower for sale, but every store is different, so there are other months when you can find a good deal. Holiday sales events, such as Power Equipment Direct's Cyber Deal Days, offer great prices on all types of lawn care equipment, especially equipment such as lawn mowers that fit under (or near) the Christmas tree. After everything that has been said about buying a lawn mower out of season, winter may be too long.

To avoid the impact of stickers, the best time to buy a lawnmower is when you don't need it, which is when retailers are eager to unload their inventory at a big discount. The worst time to buy a commercial lawn mower is when your old lawn mower broke down unexpectedly and needs a replacement yesterday. Zero-turn gas lawnmowers increased 13 percent in price over last season, battery-powered zero-turn mowers rose 12.5 percent, and rear-powered gasoline motorcyclists rose 15.4 percent. The central question when it comes to the best time of year to buy a lawnmower is if you are looking for the newest and most innovative model, or if you want the biggest discount.

Ultimately, the best time to buy a commercial lawn mower will depend on how soon you need lawn care equipment and what you're willing to pay. This off-season break is the perfect time to use an affordable lawn mower if you want to save some money. However, keep in mind that lawn mowers will not reach very low prices during the summer, so try to hold out until they do in the fall. .

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